Self-Help Eviction

If your landlord has threatened to lock you out, take your property, shut-off your utilities or otherwise preclude you the use of the dwelling unit you are renting, you should notify your landlord
that their actions will be in violation of the Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law. If your landlord has already taken such action against you, you may be best advised to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

Even if the tenant is behind in rent, staying beyond the term of his/her rental agreement or violating a tenant obligation, the landlord must proceed with an eviction action. The landlord does not have the right to forego the eviction proceeding just because the tenant is in breach of his/her obligation.

A court of proper jurisdiction must make the determination that the tenant is in fact in violation of a tenant obligation and that violation warrants the premises being restored to the landlord's control. The Court can then issue a writ of restitution and schedule a bailiff or sheriff to go out to the premises to oversee the move out.

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