Notice to Correct Conditions

Ohio law obligates a landlord to make all repairs and do whatever is reasonably necessary to keep the unit in a fit and habitable condition. The law also requires that before a tenant may take action to deposit rent with the Clerk of Courts, terminate a written rental agreement and move-out, or file a motion to compel repairs with the court, the tenant must provide the landlord with a written notice of the necessary repairs. If the landlord does not make the repairs within a reasonable length of time NOT TO EXCEED THIRTY (30) DAYS, upon receiving the notice, then the tenant may choose their remedy.

When rent depositing, the tenant must pay the rent to the Clerk of Court on the date the rent is due. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, take the rent to the Clerk on the business day preceding the due date. Tenants who are behind in their rental payments are not eligible to rent deposit.

Tenants may use the written notice process even when the need for the repair is due to tenant negligence or damage,

Regardless of the reason for the necessary repair, Ohio Law requires that the landlord make repairs. The landlord, however, has the right to charge the tenant for any damage for which the tenant is responsible. If the tenant disagrees that he/she should be responsible for the cost of repair, the landlord may sue the tenant for the amount due. (You can sue in Small Claims Court if the claim is less than $3,000) The landlord does not, however, have the option to evict a tenant for non-payment of a bill for damages.

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