Rental Information Center

The Rental Information Center provides information to tenants and landlords in Cuyahoga County on their rights and responsibilities under the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law, and the City of Cleveland Landlord/Tenant Law.  Read More

The Rental Information Center also offers potential resources for complicated legal, financial or social service related rental housing problems. The goal of the Rental Information Center is to make tenants and landlords educated on their rights, responsibilities and options when problems arise in rental housing. Some common inquiries include:

  • How to get your landlord to perform repair work needed on the dwelling
  • Problems with utility shut off, billing and fee questions, sub-meter questions
  • Problems with heat, including insufficient heat, no heat, or when the heat should be turned on by the landlord
  • How to get a security deposit back from the landlord
  • When can a landlord enter the dwelling (right of access)
  • Landlord harassment
  • Questions about lease terms or addendums
  • Questions about HUD eligibility and recertification
  • Self-help eviction or lock out by the landlord
  • Rental increase questions
  • What is"quiet enjoyment"
  • Tenants in a foreclosed property
  • Questions on pests, including bed bugs (hyperlink to Healthy Homes page)
  • Healthy home inquires, including lead hazards (hyperlink to Healthy Homes page)
  • Any other miscellaneous question related to tenancy and rental property
  • Discrimination and other fair housing questions
  • Late fees or other miscellaneous fees
  • How to break a lease/lease responsibilities
  • What is the definition of a tenant, landlord, sub-tenant, lodger
  • How can I hold my tenant accountable?
  • What are grounds for eviction?

For RIC assistance call 216-432-0617 x 1 or email