Eviction Diversion

Our Eviction Diversion Program assists tenants facing eviction so that they can understand the eviction process, including the legalities.  Read More

We outline various options for tenants facing eviction, provide information on community-based services that can assist in locating housing, assert legal defenses to overcome the eviction when applicable, and access other social services that are available. All of these activities point toward the larger goal of intervening with vulnerable tenants so that they can remain in stable housing and avoid homelessness. Cleveland Tenants Organization does not have funding for rental assistance or security deposits. However, we do refer to entities that might have those types of funds available. We will also assist landlords who have questions about the eviction process in an effort to ensure the lawful process is followed for all tenants.

If you have a question about the eviction process, if you feel you are in danger of being evicted, or you have an eviction filed against you, call us so we can assist you with your options.

For Eviction Diversion assistance call: 216-432-0617 x 2