My court papers say “Forcible Entry”.  What does that mean?

What will happen at my hearing?

Will I be allowed to say anything at my hearing?

What is an answer?

What if I lose my case in court?

If I have to move, will I get 90 days to move?

What happens if I can’t move out on time?

Can my landlord or manager throw my stuff out?

What if I don’t go to my eviction hearing?

After I move, can I forget about the eviction?

Can I counter-sue my landlord?

Is there any way that I can stop this eviction?

You said I can stop the eviction by talking to my landlord. Isn’t it too late for that?

You said I can apply for money to pay my rent. How can I do that?

You said I can fight the eviction.  How?

Do I have more rights in an eviction if the government pays some or all of my rent?

What if nothing works and I have to move?

What kind of papers should I have from the court?

My landlord has entered my apartment without my consent or outside the terms of our agreed upon time. What are my rights?

My landlord has withheld some or all of my security deposit. I don’t agree with this. What can I do to get it back?

Is my landlord allowed to increase my rent? If so, by how much can they increase it?

I have bedbugs and my landlord is making me pay for the extermination. Is this legal?

Is it better to have a lease or a month to month tenancy?

I think I am being discriminated against. What should I do?

I asked my landlord to make a repair, and now I believe I am being retaliated against. What can I do?

I have a year-long lease but I need to move because of a job change. Can I get out of the lease?

I was given a 30 day notice to move. Is this an eviction?

I need a repair done and my landlord won’t address the issue. What can I do?